In a State of Flow

Today we ate breakfast at Relish in Hudson, New York. Relish is the creation of Dana Johnson, an orchestral conductor of the highest skill, one who juggles food, customers, vendors, and staff like a maestro . She cooks the orders, plates the attractive food she cooks, intuits what customers want but haven’t asked for, instructs the staff, engages vendors who are delivering her orders, and does it all with a very cool vibe.  If real confidence comes from real competence, this is expertise in motion. Watching her pirouette in front of the stove, I appreciated someone whose ‘executive function’ isn’t just intact, it is at full on power. She is at the top of her game, the Steph Curry of her court. I admired her flow, and she made me remember what being really good at something felt like (although I played a different game). 

She shared that she had been practicing her expertise for 17 years and plans to close the restaurant and retire in September. I’d recommend you visit Relish before then. The food is phenomenal but the expertise on show is really something special.

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