It’s Friday. And you are right where you should be.

Put everything down. You have done enough. Here are a few things I hope you find interesting and amusing:

Here’s a terrific story about the modern fight for health. Sean Brock, the amazing chef, has quite a story and I admire him for sharing it in such an authentic way. Not everyone gets to tell their story in a venue like the NYTimes, but I found the story interesting and inspirational.

I really like this manifesto by William C Taylor on the changethis site. Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way is both simple and subversive – which work together powerfully. These eight questions would be a fantastic way to begin a strategic planning session, or to onboard a new leader.

The 99u site had a good summary of how to build new habits using something called “stacking” into your routine. It’s a short read and I recommend it.

They say perspective is everything – we lose hope, Rebecca Solnit suggests, because we lose perspective. Here is a really great compilation of how many things relative to global health, wealth, and living standards have improved over time. It’s a long read, but I really enjoyed it.

Finally, I love these rules for life, and the way that John Maeda explains his rationale underlying each one.

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