In 2015 I retired.

Not like my father retired, with a pension, a long dreamed about move up north, and extended bouts of driving around North America in a camper. And not the kind you read about on the web, where a pair of 35 year olds have managed to save half of every paycheck they ever earned and are now cutting loose to live the #vanlife.

This retirement was imposed on me. I left a corporate role – a role that was core to my identify, and that I imagined was challenging and rewarding – due to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

This blog is about my new life in this thing we call retirement.

It’s about living intentionally, with a chronic illness. About identifying my true values, from which I was distracted by the corporate crazy, and building new habits that align with those values.  About developing an expertise in nutrition and health, a new interest of mine, and losing 40+ pounds along the way. About budgeting for a new reality, and simplifying my possessions and my life. A little bit about living in northern Michigan, in a county with one stoplight. About the journey from human doing to human being.

This blog is about how I am navigating this thing we call retirement.