In 2015 I retired. I was 57 years old. No pension. No plan.  Not nearly enough in savings. 

You know how the financial planners always say you are ten times more likely to become disabled than die before you turn 65? Yeah, that’s me they are talking about.   

This blog is about living intentionally, with a chronic illness. It’s about what I am learning since I began retirement. About identifying my true values, from which I was distracted by the crazy corporate, and building new habits that align with those values.  About developing an expertise in nutrition and health (while losing 40 pounds along the way). About budgeting for a new reality, and simplifying my possessions and my life. About the journey from human doing to human being.

There are some big thoughts in here, buried among many teeny ideas, hacks, and suggestions.

I currently live in northern Michigan, out in what most people would call “the country.” It’s different than you think it is.

This blog is about how I am navigating this thing we call retirement.