Doctors on Video [updated]

I have been watching a lot of online videos of doctors lately.

I’m trying to learn more about the ketogenic diet, its impact on health, and how to take the diet further. But I have to say the whole alternative, or functional, medicine field has a bit of a strange tinge to it. I’d like to recommend something to a friend of mine who has a serious autoimmune disease, but not a single video I have seen since I started researching the link between diet and health has the overview information plus the professionalism I’d like to see.

It might be the bravado of an I’m-wildly-successful-and-right-about-everything-with-a-southern-California-gold-necklace kind of expert.  Or it might be the former-hippie-turned-M.D.-lecturing-the-camera-without-collecting-his-thoughts-first-or-presenting-this-information-in-any-kind-of-systemic-way type. It could be the making-a shake-in-my-kitchen-with-so-many-supplements-that-you-probably-can’t-afford-to-replicate doctor.

I believe these doctors are on the front edge of nothing less than a medical revolution. But sometimes they come across as if they are shilling in an infomercial. There is a certain amount of faith I have mustered to trust their research plus the anecdotal evidence they cite. I do not yet have a functional medicine health practitioner, so I will need to make their arguments to my medical doctors, who are trained in the allopathic approach to health. I can see the eye rolling now, as soon as I mention “I researched this on the internet.”

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