What We Watched – March and April 2021

Molly’s Game (leaving Netflix in March 2021)
Linda’s recommendation: Maybe
It’s a good story but I didn’t resonate with the lead actress, and I found the Aaron Sorkin verbal gymnastics, which I usually love, to be clutter.

Stray (YouTube)
Linda’s recommendation: No
About a group of stray dogs in Istanbul. Ridiculous. Prompts me to say, again, that you are not a film maker just because you have a video camera. Make an effort people!

Nomadland (Netflix)
Linda’s recommendation: Yes
A beautiful film, and unexpected. Less about older people’s narrowing employment opportunities, and more about the choices we make. I could watch Frances McDormand all day long. 

Sound of Metal (Amazon)
Linda’s recommendation: Yes
A riveting film about a man learning to be deaf, and to accept his life. Riz Abmed and Paul Raci give outstanding performances. 

Sky Ladder : The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang (Netflix)
Linda’s recommendation: Maybe
A fairly interesting documentary about a Chinese artist whose medium is fireworks. Not for everyone. 

Wolfwalkers (Netflix)
Linda’s recommendation: Yes
A beautiful animated film about the power of girls, and women. 

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